Order, symmetry and balance are three key elements of classic style designs, and Hotel FF & E is no exception when it comes to application of this style. Hotel furniture are placed around a focal point to achieve symmetry and. Earthy colour tones such as browns, yellows, blues and greens, with whites and greys often used as accenting colours when considering furniture for hotels designed in classic style. Excessive ornamentation are usually used sparingly or avoided to maintain the element of order.

As this style in inspired by Greek and Roman empires, the fabrics and furniture used in hotels of classical interior design style emphasizes on elegance and richness, often using cotton and canvas, yet blends harmoniously without any item standing out. Natural materials such as wood and marble works well with classically styled interior designs.

As a reputable hotel furniture manufacturer, International Tradepoint is more than ready to not only provide hotel interior designs as renowned as the classic style, but also all furniture for hotels classically designed.

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